Start to Create a Game Room Simply


There is no house can be considered complete without a game room, even though it is a big house. Of course you need exquisite interior elements. Then you will start to imagine many things and ended in puzzled thought. For a spectacular gaming experience, you want to have plenty options of games in a room. You have many ideas but stuck on your mind. Stop dizzying yourself and start with a simple game room project.

Some steps you should try. First, choose a room which is suitable and comfort in your house. Second, collect your tools and material which have been yours. Those could be power drill, hammer, wardrobe, braces, shelving, screwdriver, wood screws, TV wall mount, spotlights, cord covers, surge protectors, light base coat of paint, pencil, square table, two darker shades of paint, painter’s tape, T-square, paint brushes, etc. Third, decide several simple games which can make an excitement not only for both but also for several friends.

Deciding the lighting is very important. Specific areas need a great lighting. Sometimes, using blackout shades to protect your TV or electronic screens from daytime glare are recommended. Professional tip says choosing a floor lamp for a card table is another brilliant option. Also, you can change it with ceiling track lights or spotlights.

Next step is making a game table. A table and paints, of course, are needed. Try to make pattern of checkerboard for chess or checker. Then, paint it follow the pattern. Make it as simple as you can. Don’t forget to apply light base coat and you need 24 hours to rest it dry.

Use T-square and painter’s tape to mark the grid and two coats of two darker colors then. Wait until dry, to cover those squares with painter’s tape for repainted with even darker color those exposed squares. Some professional use 16 x 16 inches dimensions for the best square top works. They also remove the tape before the paint dries for the second coats. Last step for your game room is finishing touch. Hanging on the TV wall mount swivel is a smart way so that you can see your screen wherever you are, from several areas on game room.

Remake wardrobe become cabinet for hiding your electronics by installing shelves. Organize your electrical cords using clips, hide those in the back. Keep in mind that togetherness is a goal of game room. As simple as possible to make an extra suave game room.


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