Open a Game Room for Teenagers


We realize that sometimes teens find places to play where they should not go. For that reason, opening a proper game room especially for teens is the answer. It also brings good impact for our community. Many functions of game room, there are as a place for teens to socialize, satisfy themselves, and spend their time together. This game room can keep them away from bad aspects of our environment, fortify them from drugs, and juvenile delinquency. By opening game room for teenagers, you are participating in behavioral changes of teens around you, specifically for their bright future.

Starting to open a game room is talking about Budget, Business Plan, Financing, Location, Decoration and Equipments. How to arrange a proper and appropriate budget? How to make a business plan? Start outlining what you basically want, how to do it, what you expect, and what you want to accomplish. Try to find references about starting small business. Set a budget and find out how much budget to provide some games and other needs. Make calculation is the must to control your expenses by buying the necessary goods.

Next step is location section. Choosing an easy place to reach can make your game room known by many people without large scale promotion. A place close to the school can be a great consideration. Sometimes, leasing a place can be an option rather than buying it. Of course, you will manage and need some documents as a protection.

Decoration and equipment times are the next. Select some game as themes of your game room. Try to bring the spirit of the current games which are popular. Choose the appropriate electronics like large screen TV, vending machines, and air condition. Setting up basketball goals in wall, foosball tables, air hockey tables, and volleyball nets are smart choice. Things you can not miss are healthy and practical food and drink, such as nutritious juices and sport drinks.


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