Custom Wall Graphics and Fabrics in Google Japan Office


This time we will review about Google office in Japan, Tokyo. The most prominent in this office is the graphic design of the walls. Designed by Klein Dytham Architecture, the office has a variety of styles in every room. In addition to the use of artificial wall graphics, one interesting thing is the use of patterned fabric. Some of the themes that apply to some room walls are Google Map pins, Icon from Chrome, and Android logo. Selection of various themes is deliberately done by the designers for each different zone.

In the reception room there is a green Android logo replica that stands as if greeting every guest who came. Android logo-themed wall graphics can also be found on the toilet section, especially for the ladies’ toilets there are pink wall-mounted graphics, and for the blue graphic wall-toilets of the men. If you’ve been to a ramen shop in Japan, then you are familiar with the patterned curtains that serve as the closing shop.

In this office you will find the curtains in individual work area. The most prominent wall graphics are the motifs of flowers and bamboo. On the ceiling, the designer also applies many Japanese lanterns. The office is very pampering the eyes for those of you who are fond of the unique wall graphics.


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