Bedrooms Decoration Ideas to Look Awesome and Cozy


Contemporary bedroom design can be easily impressive. The simplicity of modern rooms is not only sleek and sophisticated, it also promotes a sense of peace and thus peaceful sleep. At the same time, the bedroom can be a puzzle for those of us with a sleek, modern aesthetic.

How to make a room full of pillows and cushions as well? Finding the right balance between comfortable and delicate can be difficult without proper guidance, starting with choosing the right silhouette and choosing the right color palette that feels right.

These modern bedrooms decoration ideas will give you all the inspiration you need to do it right.

Warm & Cool

This warm and cool themed spacious master bedroom – designed by fashion designer Lisa Perry – combines warm and chic colors to create a sleek, contemporary balance. Here the work of Callum Innes lemon head moves to another cool space.

Downtown Glamour

An eclectic room in West Village combines clean lines and a range of textures with cool accents. Black, silver and satin wall sconces are placed on a painted wall.

Industrial Cool

At blogger Natalie Lim Suarez in Brooklyn, custom-made glass sliding doors lead to the master bedroom, which retains an elegant appearance with minimalist furniture and a monochromatic palette.

Monochromatic Oasis

Darren Star’s bedroom, maker of Sex and the City, New York, is a monochrome serenity lesson, with a canvas fa├žade by Cowtan & Tout, Gubi candles and a bedside table by the Room and Board.

Beachside Modernity

At Delphine Krakoff’s surf club retreat, the room maintains a modern beach atmosphere with carved tables, round headboards and fashionable artwork.

Industrial Modern

In the attic of Will Nathan New York, one of the founders of Homepolish, the style of the home industry is emphasized by minimalist furniture and modern accents, including elegant beds, matching nightstand, neutral carpet and black palette. and white.

Modernized Antiques

Accented with 1960s wall sculptures and antique French clocks, this room exudes modern elegance. With a rich gray palette, superposition of textures and clear silhouettes, the room looks modern.

Pale Hues

The main bedroom of a Chelsea house is based on several trendy parts that reflect a calm and modern aesthetic. Specially made walnut beds, matching drawers and matching tables, and coordinated artwork in harmony with the minimalist space and radiating a modern touch.

Minimalist Millwork

Hidden bedside curves, low profile beds and oak shaped fan-shaped channels that make up the fan head add to the spa atmosphere of this modern master bedroom.

B&W Industrial

The spacious master bedroom at Tribeca has a striking black bed frame in contrast to white walls and white linen. Modern wall lamps and BDDW recliner chairs connect the space.


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