Awesome Innovative Staircase Decoration


Even in single floor home, staircase may exist. Even though stairs are usually a means of moving around the house, they should never be overlooked as an opportunity to decorate and inject in a personal style. Whether you decide to add a colorful gallery wall or a unique reading room, the staircase designs can turn a pretty ordinary space into an extraordinary one. Take a look at some of our favorite staircase decorating ideas.

Mix in textures

Mixing textures is an excellent way to draw attention to your scale. Pair with similar colors and a series of mirrors to bring an open-plan feel to your scale. Matches with little or no color to allow the mirror to focus on.

There is nothing great for a ladder, then mix in textures that normally won’t work well together, but they look beautiful as part of your ladder. Add a textured photo, some mirrors or other textured bits to bring that bold texture.

Colorful Staircase

Even when you have a neutral space, bold colourful stairs are the perfect addition. For a modern touch, paint your ladder in ombre theme. Its contemporary, unique and bright is the perfect mix for a beautiful display.

Take a hint from other colored areas in your home and add the color to your stairs. Consider painting the wall of your staircase a bold hue and pairing it with neutral tones. This can be done using a modeled runner who brings a unique note to the area.

Nautical detail

Nautical decor is always a good one, because of how textured it can be. Add a woven  texture runner and pair it with other fabric bits for that classic nautical touch. Make sure there are blue cues to further enhance the feeling of nautical in the room.

Nautical detailing is one of favorites because it is simple and yet can be observed. Use rich shades of navy blue and pair with beige, white or even neutral shades. Pairing will help bring vitality to that specific area of ​​your home.

White staircase with a contras of color

Whether you decide to add color by adding a patterned pillow or displaying colored trinkets. The idea is that those colors become the signature, a main focus of the space. You want those colors to become the camera’s direct focus and white stairs to be a complementary element.

For a simple yet creative touch, paint the staircase white and beautify the bottom with a bold color and / or pattern. If you do that, you’ll be marking the area while giving you that signature pop that immediately catches your eye. Consider having a chair or two with a pillow patterned for that bright pop of color.


Modern Theme

If you decide to stick to a traditional staircase, add a unique light body with complete transformation of the area. You want to create a unique space that has that signature element.

Everything is modern and we are very much enjoying it. Add a bold light to that modern touch that illuminates the room. You want the space to radiate contemporary, but feel part of your decor. You may even want to consider adding a bold painting along the way.

Collect in several plants

You don’t need to have many different plants as part of your décor, but you do have a few signatures to make that ideal statement. Read Feng Sui to put your plants in the best places to make your home feel inviting and soothing.

What better way to incorporate nature, then displaying some complex plans, either directly on or near the stairs. With this classic plant display, it brightens the space by adding color. It’s the perfect way to bring color into an area without adding excessive decor.

Built-in Nook

A built-in neck is a great idea for those who want extra space to display their favorite items. Plus, it’s a nice way to have the best of both worlds with ease at any time.


An embedded center is a perfect way to display your favorite trinkets and / or beautiful family pictures. Plus, it’s a great way to have a custom piece that stands out from the rest. Plan to add complex touches that will make you excited about this new complex area.


Wooden staircase

We like the look and contrast of a floating staircase. Not only do the stairs look more modern, but when paired with dark wood, it comes to life in a different way. Use blond wood for the perfect shade of mating. Blond wood plays well with almost every color.

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your stairs is by changing your wood. Use lighter, less textured wood and place it in a format that has enough space. A floating staircase allows you to use less wood, but it has a trendy twist. Keep the stairs clean without a runner for even a bold call.

Add a bench

Whether you decide to have an additional bench or a custom bench that is apart of the staircase, the options are endless. You want your bench to be added to your chairs without moving away from the décor. The idea is to create a perfect blend in the room.

For this elegant call add a bench. This is the perfect way to have that comfortable element without any extra decoration. In addition, adding a few throw pillows and / or a table creates a type of reading aesthetic that is always charming and appealing.

Window Seating

Having the luxury of having seating on windows is perfect for those who want a reading with an even better view. Add comfortable seating with throw pillows, blankets and all.

If you’re lucky enough to have a large window as part of your staircase, make the most of it! Think of it as the best window in the house, it is spacious, airy and allows you to take your imagination elsewhere because you can add fun pieces to create a beautiful custom space.



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